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 Otero County Youth Football League

Hello and welcome to the O.C.Y.F.L. Webpage.

Note: the 2015 Flag Registration Form is available on the left, all other forms will be updated soon.


  • Jesus Roman...Steelers
  • Kyle Haynie...Desert Dawgs
  • Isaac Mirabal...Tigers
  • Daniel Conteras...Patriots
  • Alfonso Rey...Mighty Ducks
  • Gerro Pannell...Huskies
  • Austin Saldana...Broncos
  • John Wigfall...Panthers
  • Catlin Curry...Lil Horns
  • Bito Ezparza...Cowboys
  • bryant Monk...Eagles


​OCYFL was established in early 1980. We are a non profit organization. Our organization is run solely off of sponsorship and fundraisers. It is truly thanks to our community that we are able to provide this program  for all children who reside in the Otero county vicinity . All Commissioners and Coaches volunteer their time. No one is paid nor reimbursed for their time and efforts.  

O.C.Y.F.L Is not affiliated with the city of Alamogordo New Mexico or any other sports organization. 
The city of Alamogordo has graciously permitted our league to utilizes the Griggs Sports Complex for the sole use of of holding our events and games. We are required to follow all set city rules to provide insurance coverage and a release form on file for each player. Our goal is to continue to provide a stable and learning  program for all the kids of Otero County the opportunity .

Flag Football 
Our flag football program is now in it's Fifth year and going strong. Our flag football season looks to begin in June and run all the way through August. Schedules will be displayed soon.
Our program is Co-Ed and the ages of our registrants range from 4 – 7. Currently we have 12 teams. Each team holds a maximum of 13 Players and a minimum of 6 Players. Our registration fee is $ 35.00 and includes one game shirt. Our games are held at the Griggs Sports Complex on Thursday evenings and Saturday Mornings. Practices are held weekly 2-3 days a week. Each practice does not exceed 60 minutes per practice. And each game shall not exceed 60-90 minutes. Physicals are not required at this level as our program is a not recognized as a contact sport. Therefore we do not promote competitiveness this is the reason score is not kept. Our program helps the kids to learn all about
* Self worth 
* Team work
* Self value
* And is a great way for the kids to make new and life long friends.
Our flag football program not only helps to prepare the kids to progress to the next l level of football which is our  Peewee division level  ages 7-9  but it also helps the kids to learn new methods and techniques in flag and tackle football.
For our coaching staff We provide 2 coaches shirts as well as  practice cones, football, flags and practice fields. 

Tackle Football
Our tackle football program is now on it's 35th year.
Our tackle football program is also Co-Ed. Our program has two separate divisions. Our peewee division ages range from 7–9. and our youth division ages range from 10-12.
our registration fee is $75.00. this fee includes.
* Insurance.
* A keepsake jersey
* Game gear & Equipment
Our tackle football program offer a 10% discount off our registration fee for all Military Families.
Our season begins in August and runs through to late November. We host an annual Superbowl event for the two teams in each division that progresses past our playoff season. Each participant does receive a token for this event so no kid is left out. Our practices are held 5 days a week for a 2 hour maximum. This is so the kids can gain as much knowledge of the sport as they can. 
Each team has a minimum of 24 players and a minimum of 12 players per team. Our games are held every Saturday at the Griggs sports complex and other local school fields. 
How to become a coach.
To become a coach for our league is not hard to do at all. We do require that each coach does have the football experience and knowledge to pass onto his/her team. All coaches must submit a background check. All first time coaches must present a background check from WWW.sentrtylink.com this is a requirement that must be met every two years after their second year they must submit a background check from our local police department. We have partnered up with USA football and All of our coaches must take an online heads up football course. This course will provide each coach more knowledge of the sport they will become familiar with different techniques and procedures to better our athletes. This program is paid for by O.C.Y.F.L. Each team has a total sum of five coaches. Each coach is given a different task pending on what position is needed to be taught. 

Currently we are seeking 2015 team Sponsors. soon you will see our coaches out seeking sponsors. Our league relies on businesses and companies as sponsors. All sponsors are recognized through all of our sites such as social media and through our website. a banner and through our annual Superbowl program. All monies donated are tax deductible. And are solely utilized for the sole purpose of league matters. All monies retrieved are used to purchase all items needed for a successful year. Such as.
* Field equipment.
* Field paint.
* Game equipment.
* Game officials.
* Field usage.
* Field light usage
* And much much more.
We would like to recognize our Otero County Communities for their support and donations without these folks, and organizations none of this would be possible. 

​O.C.Y.F.L Clinics and Events.
We will be hosting our 2nd Annual Punt Pass and Kick in Mid May. We will also be having a free football clinic beginning in May. Please stay tuned for more information regarding this.
  • Most Frequent asked questions???
  • What does my Registration fee cover?
  • Keepsake Jersey..............$40.00
  • Each child gets a jersey which their coaches design themselves. All our jerseys are tough and do not tear  easily. It is highly recommended that you do NOT dry your jerseys in your dryer. it is best to air dry them.
  • Insurance ...........................$26.00
  • Our league insurance covers all injuries sustained during league games and practices. League insurance is a requirement for each child  even though your child may already have insurance.
  • Helmet Decals... 8.00
  • Each child is presented with  2 helmet decals for their helmets. These are displayed on your child's helmet and are permitted to go home with your child at the end of the league season.
  • Total $74.00
  • Please feel free to contact us @
  • ocyfl@live.com
  • 575-921-2815. President G. Saldana
  • 575-921-9903 Secretary Y. Saldana

  • What does my sponsorship fee cover?
  • Your sponsorship money covers the following.
  • Equipment.
  • Field equipment.
  • Storage unit that holds all league equipment.
  • PO BOX
  • School games.
  • Game officials.
  • Office Supplies.
  • Superbowl event.
  • Banners.
  • Special Events.
  • Scholarships.
  • All monies donated are Tax deducible and each party will be provided with a tax id # once payment has been established.

Does the league have a Bookkeeper?
  • Yes we do. We do business with a local company Boss Consulting.

How do I become a coach?
We are always looking for coaches. As of now all of our Head coaches have been established . However if you wish to coach we begin accepting applications in January 2015. And vote as early as February .
We are still looking for asst. coaches and if that is something you are interested in you can call us for an application. All coaches are required to submit a background check from WWW.sentrylink.com .

Thank you to all our sponsors for your patronage to OCYFL.
All your proceeds are tax deductible and a tax id number will be provided to you. Your company will have a banner displayed at all of our games and events beginning in August.

Fun Flicks.....................
J&J Landscaping....... 
Carl's Jr........................ 
Brown Bag Deli............
Bargain Qwest.............
Holmes law firm...........
Sainz Refrigeration.......
C & C..............................
Fraternal order of eagles.
The Alamogordo Lions club
Sun City Roofing.
Salvador's Auto Collision

Thank you to our community for your support.