General Information:
OCYFL is supported entirely by our community. From our local businesses who sponsor our league and teams with monetary donations to our volunteer citizens who coach and officiate games. We appreciate any and all help. The children of Otero County, Lincoln County, and Dona Ana County can thrive and develop a love and respect for the game here with OCYFL. Please contact our league officials for information on how you can help our youth thrive. 

Come out to Griggs Fields  to support the Pee-Wee and Youth tackle Teams from September-November on Saturdays from 9am to around 3PM.  Please remember OCYFL players are our Future High School Players!

Applications and registration forms can be found on this website, The Winner's Circle, or Big 5 in Otero County. Or send a request by email to You can drop off completed forms to those locations, via email, or mail to:
PO BOX 1224
Alamogordo, NM  88311

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How do I become a coach?
Please submit a volunteer form with a background check from your local police department to any league official via in person, email, or mail. This is a requirement that must be met every season.
OCYFL requires that each coach has the football experience and knowledge to pass on to his/her team. Our head coach positions for 2019 are full, but while availability permits we can place you as an assistant coach. 

We have partnered up with USA football and all of our head coaches must take an online heads up football course. This course will provide each coach more knowledge of the sport and they will become familiar with different techniques and procedure to better our athletes.
Each team can have no more than five coaches. Each coach is given a different task dependent on where their knowledge and skills will benefit the team.

What does my registration fee cover?
  • Keepsake Uniform..............$50.00 
  • Insurance.....................$20.00
  • Keepsake Decals...............$10.00
  • Maintenance or new equipment..$20.00
  • Total........................$100.00

Each child gets a customized jersey designed by their coaches.  All our jerseys are tough and do not tear easily. It is highly recommended that you AIR DRY your football jerseys.

Our league insurance covers all injuries sustained during league games and practices. League insurance is a requirement for each child even though your child may already have insurance.

Each child is presented with 2 helmet decals for their helmets. These are displayed on your child's helmet and are permitted to go home with your child at the end of the league season.

What does my sponsorship fee cover?
Sponsorship money covers the following:
  • Equipment (helmets/pads/footballs/whistles/flags/timers)
  • Field equipment (field lining paint/score board operator/first aid etc)
  • Storage unit that holds all league equipment
  • PO BOX
  • Referees
  • Superbowl event
  • Paper and ink for applications, rosters, and schedules
  • Banners
  • Special Events
  • Scholarships for athletes who would like to play but are unable to afford the fee
All monies donated are tax deducible and each party will be provided with a tax id # once payment has been established.

How are complaints handled?
OCYFL takes all complaints seriously, depending on the degree of the complaint, following an investigation the league officials will decide how the complaint is handled. Please be advised that our league officials are volunteering their time and all have full time careers. This may cause a delay in a response, but rest assured your messages will get answered.