Would like to thank the following Sponsors for their support of 
 Local Youth Football in our Communities of Otero County!

Currently we are seeking 2019 team Sponsors.Our league relies on businesses and companies as sponsors. All sponsors are recognized through our Facebook page and our website.  Banner's will be displayed at all games including the annual SuperBowl for $250 and up donations. All monies donated are tax deductible and are solely utilized for the sole purpose of league matters. All monies are used to purchase all items needed for a successful year, such as:

* Field equipment.
* Field paint.
* Game equipment.
* Game officials.
* Field usage.
* Field light usage
* And much much more.

TOUCH DOWN! ($500.00 & More Sponsors)

                                        THIRD and GOAL! ($300.00-$499.00 Sponsors)

                                      SECOND and GOAL! ($200.00- $299.00 Sponsors)

                                        FIRST and GOAL! ($100.00-$199.00 Sponsors)

FIELD GOAL! ($50.00- $100 Sponsors)

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​Coach James and Sheila Young, Jon and Kami Daily, First Savings Bank, Coach Bridger West, Catch It Photograhy, and Tulie Freeze